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Picture of Timothy Aquino

Timothy Aquino

As a well travelled stylist, Tim has lived and worked in Sydney and New York City, and has over 10 years of experience in the menswear fashion industry, advising prominent sports people in the NBA and NFL, TV personalities, politicians and even being featured on Gear Patrol and NBC. With a focus on creating your own legacy Tim helps his clients curate the right garments for their wardrobe.

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How to extend the life of your suit


I liken the following instructions of suit care to brushing your teeth. It’s the consistent habit or discipline of doing it that avoids a hit on your pocket down the line:

  • Avoid dry cleaning: (*unless you have a specialist suit dry cleaner) There is a common misconception that you must dry clean your suit regularly if you wear it regularly. This is not true, the chemical and heating process compromises the integrity of the fabric and seam stitching. Out of the dozens of suits I own, the only ones I have decommissioned have been the ones I have dry cleaned. The next 3 points are the alternatives to dry cleaning.
  • The bathroom: Utilize your bathroom as a steam room and hang up your suit (after every wear) in the bathroom while you have a hot shower. The steam will naturally deodorize the garment.
  • The suit fridge:
  • A quality Steamer: The target areas- back of the knees on the trousers and elbows on the jacket.
  • Always purchase 2 pairs of trousers when you buy a suit: 1 is none 2 is one. This is an insurance policy when you bust the crotch or spill red wine on it. (THEODORE has no minimum order so you can reorder trousers as individual pieces)
  • Never wear the same suit/trousers consecutive days in a row: Depending on how frequent you wear a suit week to week. A 4-5 week suit rotation is ideal as you can stretch the life span of those suits by reducing the stress you place on them daily.
  • Fabric matters: The quality of the suit wool and how it drapes over your body throughout its lifetime is a significant factor on how many years you get out of the suit. That’s why there are such variations in pricing when it comes to the fabric maker- it matters.
  • Premium suit hanger: I cringe when I see a suit hung up on a flimsy wire hanger. This will deform the shoulder padding and stretch the fabric in the wrong way.
  • Keep the moths away:

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