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Picture of Timothy Aquino

Timothy Aquino

As a well travelled stylist, Tim has lived and worked in Sydney and New York City, and has over 10 years of experience in the menswear fashion industry, advising prominent sports people in the NBA and NFL, TV personalities, politicians and even being featured on Gear Patrol and NBC. With a focus on creating your own legacy Tim helps his clients curate the right garments for their wardrobe.

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Together WE Make Fashion Sustainable


When it comes to global warming, what do you think should be the main causes? Transportation! Yes for sure. Construction? Not a bad guess. However, most people are shocked when they are told that our avant-garde wardrobe is the second reason why this planet is suffering. Globally the fashion industry is responsible for 10% of all greenhouse gas emissions, with textile production alone estimated to release 1.2 billion tonnes of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere every year. Vast amounts of water are also needed to produce the clothes we wear,  the fashion industry is responsible for 20% of global waste water. At THEODORE your garments are made to order using only the required amount of resources to produce your order to eliminate inventory leftovers and waste, together WE are helping to reduce our fashion carbon footprint for a better planet. 

Clothing Textiles Waste

The fashion industry overproduces products by about 30-40% each season, contributing to roughly 10% of all global carbon emissions and is the world’s second worst offender in terms of water and plastic pollution. At Theodore, every garment is made to order to prevent overproduction with better comfort and longer durability. On the other hand, the fabric production itself is problematic and requires tons of chemicals and colour dyes to meet the design drafts. All these are adding extra burden and causing massive pollution at local communities.

One man’s unwanted garment is another man’s Treasure

We believe in the power of recycling and giving back to the community! That’s why we are participating in  ‘Dress for Work’ a not-for-profit organisation to help those in need entering the workforce.  If you have any inactive garments, shoes or even accessories in good condition, drop them to our Sydney Showroom and we will donate your preloved professional attire to help others thrive in work and life. Even better, we are teaming up with UPPAREL, an Australian based company aiming at sustainability, to prevent those not-in-great-condition textiles end up in landfill. By doing this, they will have the second chance to be creatively crafted and become the next superstar.

Paring down, Branching out

We are stuck in a culture of mass consumption. Every year, tons of plastic and nondegradable materials are produced and consumed for over packaging putting our environment at risk. At Theodore, from the fabric to the packaging, we put thought into every detail to be more mindful, environmentally friendly and degradable as much as possible. Working together with YOU, designing your made to measure garments we can alleviate the burden on mother nature.  Less is more, let’s get back to nature without redundant decoration and packaging.

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