Created For: Sean Fagan
Creation Date: 15th July 2023

Garment ID: OOTG23040263 | Measurement Code: XCB5C

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Inspired by the iconic fashion hub of London, this suit effortlessly blends timeless elegance with a dash of fun and flair. Designed for the trendsetting gentlemen who aren’t afraid to make a bold statement, the Carnaby Street suit is the epitome of dapper charm.

MATERIAL: 100% Wool


OCCASION: Business

PATTERN: Pinstripe


Origins & Supply Chain
Care Instructions

All of our suits are made from the finest fabrics and last considerably longer than other suits. Follow these simple tips and you will get the most out of your suits:

  • Never machine-wash or iron.
  • Avoid dry-cleaning.
  • Steam for creases & odours.
  • Use a brush and lint-roller.
  • Always hang when not in use.

Responsible Disposal
This garment can be deconstructed for reuse of fabric materials. If you no longer have use for this garment, please ship to:

THDR Group
129 Devonshire Street
Surry Hills NSW 2010

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