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Imagine if your clothes could speak, if each garment in your wardrobe could tell a story—a narrative woven with memories, experiences, and emotions. ELEVATE invites you to embark on a journey where fashion transcends mere fabric and thread and becomes a canvas for personal expression and storytelling.

“The genesis of ELEVATE was to create simple, foundational, and functional pieces that exhibit generational endurance through traditional design. Conceptually, I wanted to create a “starting five” of timeless pieces that you would find in your grandfather’s wardrobe, a collective set of individual made-to-measure pieces that serve a specific purpose for each facet of your life.”


ELEVATE sees you through any and all occasions, whether it’s with the staple navy business suit – that first impression suit, a work horse, the suit you go to war in; the quintessential classic black suit serving as a pillar of consistency and decorum; the consummate tuxedo as a symbol of celebration and elevation; or the occasional brown lounge suit, a representation of graceful elegance for any social engagement.


Imagine your favourite jacket or jumper not just as a piece of fabric, but as a vessel of memories, a gateway to the moments that have shaped you. For the first time in fashion history, we’ve utilised NFC (Near Field Communication) chip technology to transform each piece in our collection into a living chronicle of your experiences.

With a simple scan, the digital identity of your garment springs to life, including ownership details, care instructions, supply chain history, and your body’s unique measurements. More importantly, each individual NFC chip allows you to digitally revisit the story that garment has to tell. Housing photographs and brief journal entries of your most cherished moments wearing your favourite THEODORE pieces, your NFC-enabled garments trace the threads of your existence through the memories woven into their fabric. They become bridges between generations, enabling us to share stories and wisdom with those who come after us, and reminding us that our lives are not just a series of fleeting moments, but a tapestry of lived experiences waiting to be revisited and cherished.

A Parting Note from Our Founder

The word that comes to mind when I think about what this collection stands for is foundation – one that every man should have in their wardrobe. Not everybody has the financial resource to buy twenty suits, but if you can invest in these core pieces, then you’re off to a pretty good start. These garments will open doors for you. I really truly believe that. They’ll create opportunities and help you be in the right state of mind to grasp those opportunities when they present themselves. It’s an overused phrase, but the suit maketh the man. My aim is that being in our suits will prime you to engage in the state of mind where you feel like you’re in the present, not having to worry about how you look or what you’re wearing. All you need to focus on is the kind of man you want to be – that mentality and confidence will take you far in life.”

We are humbled and grateful to have been nominated as one of six finalists for the National Designer Award presented by David Jones, with the opportunity to showcase ELEVATE on a live runway during Paypal Melbourne Fashion Festival.

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